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Your Safety is our Priority

COVID-19 UPDATE - We do hope you and your loved ones are safe, during this trying period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To ensure the safety and well beings of our guests and teamsour hotels & resorts have formulated rules and policies to be followed for a safe and hygienic stay. Our staff members at Hideout Resorts &Hotels have been working tirelessly to ensure that the stay and experience of our guests will be safe and pleasant. Hence guests can choose our hotels without worrying.


As part of our commitment to ensure safety of our guests and team members, we have formed a new set of house rules and preventive measures, to be followed by guests, visitors and team members within each property, to ensure safety and hygiene. These include:

1. Social distancing, viz. maintaining ~6 feet of distance, and hygiene norms must be followed across the property.

2. All guests are required to wear face masks in public areas. Masks are available for purchase at the Front Desk.

3. Guests are requested to frequently sanitise or wash their hands well while on the premises. Sanitiser dispensers are available across public areas for guest usage, with clinically approved sanitiser, containing minimum 70% alcohol.

4. Guests must follow the government recommended practices for coughing and sneezing. Spitting is strictly prohibited on the premises and in the property vehicles and is punishable by law.

5. Rooms will be given on single occupancy, or double occupancy for family members. Triple occupancy and extra beds are temporarily not allowed.

6. Visitors will not be allowed in guest rooms in order to maximise safety.

7. Guidelines of CPWD shall be followed which inter alia emphasizes that the temperature setting of all air conditioning devices should be in the range of 24 to 30° C

8. Temperature checks will be conducted every time a guest, team member or vendor enters the property. Should the temperature be higher than 99 degrees, along with other symptoms, including but not limited to coughing, sneezing and shortness of breath, entry to the property will be denied and the guest will be provided with the details of the nearest hospital or healthcare facility.

9. For in-premise guests or team members who may not feel well at any time, our hotels have a defined protocol to assist them to reach out to the concerned hospital or healthcare facility.

10. Guests are requested to download the Aarogya Setu mobile application for their and others safety. Guests are advised not to visit containment zones.

11. At the time of check-in, guests will be required to submit a signed self-declaration form and share their travel history for the 20 days prior to arrival.

12. Guests are requested to sanitise mobile phones, credit cards, etc. with wipes/swabs which will be available with the team members.

13. Guests are requested to use personal pens to minimise contact. If not available, team members will offer a pen which will be cleaned and sanitised before and after use.

14. Sanitisation processes will be undertaken periodically, as per recommended guidelines, in all public areas including restaurants, lobby, etc., will be used for all cleaning and sanitisation purposes across the property, which target a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria.

15. There will be continuous sanitisation of all public areas and back areas, including all surfaces, floors, furniture, table tops, counters, elevator buttons, door knobs/handles and equipment.

16. Most public area doors will be left open to avoid physical contact. Please do not touch or close the doors in public areas.

17. Demarcations have been made on the floor for queues, elevators, and public areas, including washrooms and smoking areas, which adhere to social distancing norms. These markings must be strictly followed.

18. Seating arrangements in all public areas, including the lobby, restaurants, banquets, and the swimming pool area, have been reduced to follow social distancing norms. Please adhere to the arrangements as they cannot be altered.

19. Newspapers will not be available across the property. However, e-papers will be shared upon request.

20. All property vehicles are cleaned, sanitised and inspected before and after every use.

21. Car valet services have been temporarily suspended to avoid excessive physical contact.

22. Certain areas, including swimming pools,recreation rooms, may be temporarily non-operational. Please do not use those areas where entry is restricted.

23. Mandatory quarantining is carried out of all non-perishable supplies once they are received at the property. Perishable items, including fruits, vegetables, groceries and other ingredients are thoroughly cleaned at the time of receipt.

24. Food and Beverage services may be limited to set/select menus. Buffet services are temporarily discontinued.

25. The team members will restrict the formation of groups that break social distancing norms. Guests are requested to cooperate with the team.

26. The team is maintaining appropriate hygiene standards and wearing gloves and masks, in all areas, throughout their shift.

27. Team members will aim to maintain social distancing norms while interacting with guests throughout the property.

28. Contactless modes of payments are available, including Google Pay, Paytm, UPI, online transfers, etc. and can be selected accordingly.

29. In case of card payments, the EDC machines are sanitised after every use.

30. No outside food and beverage delivery will be allowed anywhere on the premises.

31.All guidelines from WHO and FSSAI (for food and beverage production and service) are being strictly followed in order to maintain the desired hygiene standards across all areas.

House Rules must be strictly adhered to while on the premises. The management reserves the rights of admission and the refusal of service for guests not following social distancing, cleanliness and hygiene norms and the house rules.

We request for your support at this time and wish you all a safe and a pleasant stay.


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